“Ida Craddock is an unsung heroine of women’s liberation and alternative spirituality who literally sacrificed herself in the long battle with the forces of social repression that resulted in the freedom of choice in sexual matters that we take for granted today. Sexologist and occult scholar Vere Chappell brings Craddock to life in this incisive yet sympathetic biography. He also lets her speak for herself by including her seminal work, Heavenly Bridegrooms.

“Finally, we have a book that does justice to Ida Craddock’s important but often-overlooked role in the histories of feminism, sex therapy, and sacred sexuality. I can think of no better person than Vere Chappell to introduce this remarkable woman to a new generation. Chappell artfully weaves together a selection of Ida Craddocks’ key writings with an insightful biography that takes readers along on her fascinating journey from stenographer to advocate, provocateur, and martyr of freedom. Highly recommended.”

“Within the first few pages of this brilliant book, Dr. Chappell resurrects the heroic Ida Craddock from the depths of obscurity to the vanguard of modern consciousness. Her courageous struggle against ignorance, superstition, and tyranny is seared into the reader’s awareness as we observe her persecution by those who vilified her truths as blasphemy. This book also provides the first publication of a number of skillfully-annotated copies of Craddock’s all-but-unknown writings. Her revolutionary teachings will be of great value to an audience prepared by the century of social progress Ida Craddock fought so earnestly to create. Aleister Crowley, another sexual outlaw, called her writings on erotic mysticism ‘of incalculable value to every student of occult matters.'”

“Sexual Outlaw and Erotic Mystic is an important book about a remarkable woman: Ida Craddock. Sex educator and sexual mystic, Spiritualist, teacher, rabble-rouser, free-thinker, and unfortunate suicide, her life’s work advanced both spiritual exploration and social liberation. As a contemporary magic worker, I feel that we are greatly in her debt, and are fortunate to have this record of the life and writings of this little known—yet highly influential—person. Bravo, Vere Chappell.”

“While many of her ideas would be laughable by the standards of sexologists today, they were visionary in the late 1800’s. Simply by being willing to discuss sexuality at all and espousing its enjoyment as a right for women as well as men, Ida Craddock was a pioneer and deserves to be known. Vere Chappell’s Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock informs us thoroughly on the life and work of this remarkable woman.”

Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic is an excellent book about fascinating topics! A great addition to any respectable sex library.”